Recognised as one of the top fitness professionals in North County Dublin, Q Fit have been helping our clients safely and effectively get into the shape. It’s all about adding quality
to your life with simple but effect new habits in exercise, nutrition and mindset and bringing the new habits you create into the home where everyone can learn and benefit from them. Join one of our Fitness Classes in Rush and benefit from a new and healthy change in lifestyle.




Who are we? Well first things first we are Coffee lovers and for anyone who knows us know that we don't go a day without our fix. Asa's go to is a large cappuccino with regular milk where as I am a large cappuccino with coconut milk that's it we don't need no fancy coffee we like to keep things simple and straightforward just like our brand. We are also a husband & wife duo who have three amazing children, one very spoilt puppy and we just love to keep ourselves active as much as we can.

Our passion is to grow an amazing community of people who love training, having fun and  want to be healthy both physically and mentally. We have both worked the 9 to 5 jobs most of our adult life and we understand the struggles and hard work it takes to live a
healthy lifestyle whilst juggling our day to day routine around. Just like most people we found it difficult to maintain a healthy balance and routine to keep us all Fit & Healthy, but now we found a way of doing it and enjoying it ‘finally’ with Q Fit.


We live a very different lifestyle now than we did in our 20's and early 30's (drinking, eating and partying comes to mind). We now love our booze free weekends and early morning starts,  eating and enjoying good food with friends and family, getting out on the bikes, walks on the cliffs and a good weight session is what we look forward to. And we see the benefits it gives, not only
to ourselves but the whole family. We have grown up together and now with our lifestyle changes we hope to grow old together in a more healthier and fitter way, trying keep ourselves as young as possible for as long as possible. 

It's a Lifestyle change so join us to experience your Lifestyle change in the Privacy of our personal Gym in Rush.  

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1-1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Fantastic morning hike with a fantastic

Group Training

New members of the #qfitsquad @gib__89 @
Week 3 ✅ 
Feeling really good this week
Another successful evening of #kundalini
Beach class with these lovely ladies 🏋���
Qfit jumpers just in time for Xmas 🎄🙌
Q Fit
Q Fit
Fantastic morning hike with a fantastic
Q Fit
New members of the #qfitsquad @gib__89 @
Reformer Workout
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