Erica Quinn

I have always used fitness as a way to help keep my mind healthy which in turn keeps my body healthy. I'm also a mother of 3, so I've first-hand experience of getting back into pre-baby weight for more reasons than body image. It helps my identity, helps keep me fit and healthy for running around after my 3 children and helps keep me confident in myself, as a mother, as a person and as a personal trainer.

Asa Quinn

I'm Asa Quinn and I've always struggled with weight gain and have been through numerous quick fix transformations over the past 10 years so I've a great understanding on how hard it is to get started on the journey for long term results. I found by making small sustainable changes in my nutrition and exercise regime, I was able to not only reach my goal weight but I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 2 years, This has now become a total lifestyle change for me and I feel the benefits both in my Health and mindset. I also have 10 years Coaching experience and I understand the importance Strength training has become in the Sports world, I am a qualified Strength and conditioning coach and I am looking forward to train and share my knowledge with Athletes from all sports.

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We are a small private family run facility where you can train and gain confidence on your own with a qualified experienced trainer. Your Privacy is our Priority.

Fully equipped facility, with an outdoor conditioning and Plyo area.

Family run, you will feel welcomed into a friendly and homely environment where you can
enjoy and have fun on your journey and eventually feel part of our "keep fit" community.


After having a back injury three years ago I allowed myself gain weight and shy
away from any sort of exercise. I began to lack the energy and confidence I had
and turned to comfort myself by eating all the wrong foods. I began to feel
down in myself and hated looking or walking by a mirror. I then started to hide
myself in baggy clothes to try hide the weight gain. This lasted for some time I
had joined two gyms over this time and never went I was too shy and didn’t
have the confidence or knowledge how or hat to do in the gym. I decided that
we only have one life and life is what we make it. Hating the body I was in was
a daily struggle. It was like a something just clicked and then I realised that
there is no time like the present to help change how I felt towards myself.

From day one Asa took me under his wing, making me feel comfortable and
made sure I was doing all my exercises and tasks correct. He kept pushing me
every session, encouraging me to go out of my comfort zone and kept ever
session interesting for me. Asa has not only educated me with how to train he
educated and encouraged me with nutrition and has helped me change my
lifestyle. Asa has always had a friendly but professional and welcoming
attitude towards each session.

After my first ten sessions with Asa I began to feel like I had more energy, the
scales was showing results. I never felt like I was on a diet as my food plan
consisted of a lot of food (3 meals and 2 snacks). I felt more like I was over
eating. As I would never eat so often before.

At all times Asa was very professional and friendly. He also is very
accommodating and understanding when it comes to everyone’s busy life
outside of the gym. He kept my weekly measurements and scale
achievements. Asa continued to encourage and motivate me with my journey.
I can’t thank Asa enough for all his hard work and commitment he has shown
towards my weight loss journey. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in
myself. He has always made me feel comfortable from day one.

I have lost three stone five, I have bags of confidence and starting to feel
comfortable in my body again. I have lots of energy and I’m full of life. We still
have a bit to go and then to tone up and maintain the weight loss but in the
trusted hands of Asa I know my journey will continue. It will be successful. I
now don’t only look at Asa as my personal trainer but also as my friend.

Emma Hanratty


I never thought I would say that I look forward to going to the Gym but that is
100%the case since I have been going to Erica’s classes.

Erica is amazing. She is truly an inspiration to us girls. She shows how hard
work pays off but also how it can be done in a fun environment. Erica loves
what she does and this is evident throughout all her classes. She uses so many
different ways to train and strengthen our bodies. She explain explains why we
are doing something in a certain way and what part of our body is being
worked on.

The small classes are brilliant as it’s away from the hustle and bustle of a busy
gym and Erica is so attentive to each of us that every week we learn something
new. I go to Erica’s 3 days a week and even amid the pain and the sweating I
thoroughly enjoy each class. Erica has a way of making you feel good about
yourself and boosting self-confidence. She is so knowledgeable about training
and foods and has individual plans for all her clients. I would highly
recommend Erica to everyone. Her Passion, commitment and happy
personality are what engages me in a gym class. There has honestly not been
one class where I haven’t laughed and I honestly feel I have made some friends
for life. You are a legend Erica, thanks for everything.

De McCluskey


I've been lucky enough to be one of the first clients of Q Fit. Since starting with Q Fit, I have managed to go from 15st 9lbs to a stable 14 stone. While most people would say weight loss is a long hard road, I can honestly say this was the one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had and every day I feel so much better in myself. This is down to the hard driving, dedicated and great attitude of my Personal Trainer, Asa Quinn. His manner and level of motivation is exceptional and always drives you to where you want to be and do better. Even to this date I continue to do the weekly classes and have great fun participating with the other clients.

Darren Wade


I'm a 6' 2", 47 year old male and always took pride in my appearance. Lately due to work and stress my weight spiralled out of control and my appearance started to look awful. My average weight for the last 10 years was 13st 5lbs but now it reached 14st 6lbs and I felt awful in appearance and health. I tried Gyms before and hated them because I felt intimidated by people looking at me trying to exercise the wrong way and at the end of gruelling months I seen very little progress. I walk a lot but there was no weight reduction from my daily walks. I was feeling unmotivated because no matter how hard I tried to exercise, I wasn't losing weight.

Q Fit was recommended to me, so I had nothing to lose by getting a free consultation. Within a half hour of meeting Asa, he went through an exercise programme and suggested 3 x 30 min sessions per week and changed my eating habits. The privacy of having use of the Q Fit Gym to myself with my personal trainer was a major factor for me to commit. Working out in private and not being intimidated by member gyms is a huge bonus for me and my confidence.

After 10 sessions with Asa and with my home work outs that include my usual walking, I have reduced my weight by 18lbs to 13st 2lbs, my belly has almost disappeared and I'm starting to tone up again. I fell fit and energetic and the food I eat is easy to fit in to day to day life. I can honestly say that this has been my Operation Transformation and having a personal trainer to teach me how to work out properly and eat properly and to motivate me to hit my target have made me understand why all the walking exercise I did in the past did little or nothing to reduce my weight.

It's an amazing experience and a very fun experience and I will continue to use Q Fit for their motivational workouts and healthy living advice. I can only highly recommend trying Q Fit to get back in shape again and feel healthy.Thanks for everything Asa.

(As Privacy was a major factor to me using Q Fit, I prefer not to leave my name here and to remain anonymous, but I'm one VERY HAPPY CLIENT.

Thanks Asa! You know who I am 😉

A Very Happy Client


I started training with Erica last summer having always struggled to stick with any class I took up. The classes are always different which I love and actually look forward to them now!!! Since I’ve started with Erica I have dropped 3 dress sizes and have noticed a huge improvement in my overall health. I couldn’t recommend Q Fit enough. Erica is terrific at what she does and so helpful and encouraging to help me achieve my targets.

Sarah Jane Clare


I first started training with Erica 3 weeks before going on holiday to lose a bit of weight. I was never the fittest and hated going near a gym as I just wasn't confident in what I was doing or how I looked. I tried fad diets which made me hungry, miserable and didn't give me long term results.

3 weeks turned into 3 months and now 6 months. Erica quickly evaluated where I was and has gradually improved my fitness and my strength. Erica really has motivated me to challenge myself more and the results are showing. My body has completely changed but also has my life.


Fitness and exercise has now become my new normal and I am loving it. Erica has been so patient with me and my ability which makes me want to push myself even more. I am now more confident to go to a gym thanks to Erica's guidance and continued support. I know she is always there for any questions I have and gives me the best advise.


I never thought I would love exercise like I do now and that's thanks to Erica's drive and knowledge. It also helps that she's bubbly and fun too. She has encouraged me all the way and is such a positive influence.

I now prioritise my training with Erica each week which then keeps my food on track and I have such a well balanced diet. I'm so much more focused and happy in my mind and body. It's been the best thing I've ever signed up for and can't recommend Q Fit enough. It's such a warm and friendly environment full of encouragement and support. I love it!

Tracey Furley


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