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10 Tips on How To Diet

What is Dieting? Why do we do it? Is it healthy for us? What is a Balanced Diet? What is the best way to eat food? We all have different views on what dieting is about but is the word "Diet" the correct word to use for a healthier way to eat?

1: DON'T DIET ....EASY!!!

2: Keep it simple

Cut out Processed Foods period! If you want to be healthy and you want your kids to be healthy, then limit the amount of processed food you buy in your shopping to about 5 -10%.

Everything else should be fresh whole foods. Processed food is potentially killing everyone causing various diseases, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood pressure, CANCER, even Depression and Anxiety. The studies are out there - eating Shit food = Shit lifestyle, so why don’t we stop?? Same reason people don’t give up smoking, alcohol or drugs they are simply addictive and the companies that make these processed foods know this and don’t care as they are making a fortune, the same as cigarette companies. It's all about the profit not the customer.

3: Stop making excuses

I made excuses myself... "I don’t have time to cook, I work and by the time I get home I just need to put something in the oven and get the kids homework done". I’ve been there

said that and yes it was a pain in the backside coming home from work and cooking but that’s life and we need to learn how to do it because if you haven’t got an extra 10 mins to prep an healthy meal, where do you find time to go doctor appointments or maybe hospital appointments? I know I’d rather be at home prepping food than be in the doctor's waiting room. We need to stop thinking of the now and really think of the future and our family's future. Just think if you put the effort into cooking healthy meals every evening and getting exercise in 2-3 hrs out of your week then this will = less doctor appointments in the future. So figure it out and just make time.

4: Shopping list

Buy whole foods (Fruit, Veg, Seeds, Nuts, Whole-Grains and Lean Meats). Technically processed foods are anything with a label but this is not necessarily true. There are packaged foods that are healthy for you (Porridge, Rice, Chickpeas, Nut Butter and

Tuna etc.) Always read the label and if there are more than 8 -10 ingredients in it, then it’s got crap in it, so leave it on the shelf! If you can’t pronounce some of the ingredients it's probably more crap. The label needs to have real ingredients in it (I will do another blog on how to read Labels as it is so valuable to know). Also go to your local butchers for your meat they usually do a week’s worth of meat for €20. If you have a bigger family buy 2 = €40. Sounds like a lot of money, but try ordering a Chipper or Chinese for a family and keep it within €40!! Think about it!!

5: Cut out sugar & salt

I’m not going into all the reasons apart from your Health. Substitute with Sea salt or Pink Himalayan rock salt and for sugar use stevia or Total sweet xylite. This is natural and you can get it in the health shop.

6: Reset the body and mind on food

You can train your taste buds just like anything else. Keep trying the foods you don’t like and you will eventually be able to tolerate them and then you will actually enjoy them. I’m not saying we should never have a treat but what happens is your treat eventually becomes a healthy treat the more you eat healthy food. When you try to eat a Chipper or McDonald's, you will feel ill and that is no longer a treat. So try it, only eat Whole foods and lean meats for a week or 2 and then see how you feel after a Chipper. Oh yes, it will taste yummy when you’re eating it but then your stomach will bloat and you will be raging you ate it because it's full of crap!

7: Keep your meals simple

You don’t have to be a master chief to eat good tasty food. We go to restaurants for that. Balance your meal with protein, complex carbs and healthy fats and cook with

good oils like coconut oil, olive oil or even butter. Flavour with herbs and spices. Easy Peasy!! Always watch portion size. You can over eat on healthy food as they do contain calories and if you want to lose weight whilst becoming healthy watch your calorie intake. What about the kids I hear all you parents ask. The kids will eventually eat what you eat. Well maybe not everything you eat but you will start them on the right track. Our kids eat the meat from the butchers and are very very selective with their veg so instead of them having a big meal at dinner I will give them snacks of fruit, eggs, tuna etc and then at dinner they will have meat, pasta and some cucumber or raw carrot. I don’t buy biscuits anymore and if they are getting something for a treat, I will buy it when we are out and about. I don’t have any juice or fizzy drinks in the house. Again, if they want drinks like this when we are out for a meal, they will get them. I just don’t have these items at hand in the house and now they don’t ask for them. They will just take a rice cake or watermelon and there are no issues as it's just the new norm in our house and every Friday they will have a takeaway, just because they think it’s a treat. Normally it’s a pizza and a portion of sausage between the 3 of them 😄.. When I ring and order their takeaway, I make sure Mum & Dad's dinner is cooking and ready to eat before the takeaway arrives so we don’t start picking at it! We like to keep our treat for a nice meal out.

8: Be happy and don’t think of food as the enemy

Food is fuel for life and we should be enjoying it not fighting with it. The less crap you eat the less guilty you will feel and the happier you will become. I hear so much about anxiety and depression, people will go to the doctor with stress and anxiety and not once will a doctor ask about their diet or how much fizzy drink or crap they consume which is more than likely causing their anxiety. The amount of sugar and caffeine in a lot of the food we eat and drink causes any level of stress to be elevated so if we take a look at our food intake first and cut down on these then your anxiety levels should come down too. Yes stress will always be there but if we eat right and exercise we are able to deal with the stress differently without popping pills which will stress the body even further.

9: Drink plenty of water

Again simple and cheap to do yet so many people when they are thirsty reach for a fizzy drink. Just drink the water for thirst and then if you fancy a fizzy drink later on that’s OK but make sure you have your water first as its essential and give it to your kids also. Obviously they can have the odd juice or fizzy drink but for everyday life they should be getting water at breakfast,

lunch, dinner and in between. The rest can be a treat when you are out at the weekend.

10: Benefits to eating Healthy

- Weight Loss

- Improves your immunity system

- More energy

- Beautiful skin

- More nutrients for the body (another blog I must write about)

- Handle stress better

- Better Sleep

- Improved Sex drive

- Good Fuel to aid your workouts and busy lifestyle = better overall physical fitness

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