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5 Reasons to Exercise with a Personal Trainer

Are you beating yourself up taking special diets and feeling hungry? Are you walking 5 km a day and feeling tired? Are you fed up not seeing a positive return for your efforts? Do you feel like giving up? Don't give up! There's help on the way...

1: Never feel like giving up!

Don't feel intimidated. Once you take the first step, you'll be in full control of your own journey. You have wasted enough time on crash diets that are unbalanced and leave you feeling hungry and tired. Going alone on your journey to a healthier lifestyle can be daunting and frustrating. Be proud of yourself and enjoy every minute. It will be the best step your health will ever take.

2: You're not alone

Don’t think you are the only one who doesn’t know the names of the exercises or how to properly execute them with perfectly correct form. So many people get embarrassed when their body doesn't do what we as Personal Trainers are trained to do. It’s the reason you are here. If you knew how to do it there would be no need for a Personal Trainer. Just listen, learn and trust the process. You will be surprised at how quick your body will respond to exercise and you will be a pro in no time.

3: Mindset

You need to be aware of the Mind Muscle Connection (MMC). Honestly, this throws people in their first few sessions. They don’t understand why their body is not moving in the way they want it to. It takes a few sessions for your brain to actually kick into gear and start participating in the workout, especially if you have never exercised or performed the exercise correctly. That’s why we do warm up sets and work with lower weights at first. We need to train the brain to connect with each muscle fibre you want to move and feel in a particular exercise, so don’t feel uncoordinated or silly as it takes time a practice. After a few sessions, you will be performing your workouts with perfect form and lifting weight you never dreamed you could lift.

4: Learn the right way

One of my most common phrases in exercising is "breathe". Everyone new to working out holds their breath and I don't how I haven’t had anyone keel over!! Breathing is the single most important part of training. When you breathe correctly you can lift heavier, run faster and even burn more fat (Oxygen and water combined with exercise burns fat). Always exhale on the exertion of the exercise, e.g. - in your squat, inhale hold the breath squat down then push through the feet and exhale at the top on the squat. When you learn to control your breathing during exercise, you get a better workout so we are here to teach the best practises.

5: Don't over do it

Keep it simple, try not to over think your goals and what you want to achieve out of your journey. The best practice is to have a couple of small goals, for example, I want to be fit enough to run up and down the stairs in the house without feeling out of breath or I want to learn how to eat more whole foods and enjoy them or I want to be able to fit back into that dress or jeans or I want to learn how to exercise correctly so I can go to a big Gym and know what I am doing. There are so many small steps to take in your journey, so don’t over complicate things with massive goals that can't be reached quickly and are so far away it feels like it will never happen. Small goals = achievable and every small goal reached adds up, in 3 months time you could be back in those jeans, enjoying healthy food and be able to run up and down the stairs without feeling out of breath.


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