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Fat to Fit - My Journey

For over 10 years I struggled with my weight and I was in love with the “fantasy “of having a fit and healthy body. But the cold hard reality was when you have a food addiction that fantasy seems impossible to achieve. I worked as a van driver and my daily workloads were chaotic and my food options were breakfast rolls, fizzy drinks and fast foods.

Now that sounds nice to most of us but I was slowly killing myself and pushing my dreams of having a nice fit and healthy body even further away. At my heaviest I was 17st 7lbs. My body started to tell me things, my blood pressure spiked and my cholesterol went through the roof and liver enzymes went from 30 to 150, so I had to take charge. The reality was that we had our first child and I wanted to be around when he was growing up and be able to run around after him without gasping for my next breath.

The Last Straw :

The funny thing is I was always involved in football and playing 5 aside twice a week, but I was just consuming a crazy amount of calories on a daily / weekly basis. I played in a tournament in Lusk one summer and a week after a friend of mine showed me a picture

in the local newspaper and to say I nearly died was an understatement! It was in the paper and everyone could see it. I was so embarrassed and felt a grey cloud come over me and my happy go lucky attitude started to disappear. I didn’t like that feeling at all so I contacted a good friend of mine at the time that was doing Personal Training and asked for help... Yes that’s the way I phrased it!!! “HELP”! Because I knew I could not do this alone. He came to my house for 6 weeks straight and he worked me to the bone. It was hell when I was doing it but after a shower and some food I felt like superman. The sixth week came around… results day… the nerves were brutal! He took my measurements and BOOM!! I had lost just under 2 stone!! He was so delighted and I was so delighted I thought, right I am back on track and could not thank him enough. We parted and I went solo and was doing great until 2 weeks later I noticed I was slacking on my training and my food. 3 months later I had put back on a stone of my hard earned work. I was gutted and thought I was a failure. What will everyone think of me now? These thoughts were running around my head. This was my life for 6 to 7 years, doing numerous transformations and yo-yoing with my weight. My wife and friends always slagged me for going through phases and I went through hundreds of them (lol). I bought a bike and gear, bought weights, running gear, gym membership to name a few, but I failed to be consistent at any of them.

Finally Taking Control :

Fast forward 1 year and the penny finally dropped, I signed up for a 6 week transformation but this time I had a plan/goal in place and I was ready!! Now I got the usual stick from friends and family, which was ok because I knew this time I had a drive about me and I was all about the banter, well sometimes (lol). When I started I could only do week on week off because of my shift work so I’d do my own training on weeks I was off and this time my food was on point and I was going to bed early and felt I had more energy than I had ever felt before. I was alive and I wanted this feeling all the time. So the day of our reveals I was feeling super confident and excited. BOOM!!! I had dropped over 2 stone...Now I worked my ass of and kept my food 100% for those 6 weeks and got my rewards. So for me that was phase 1 ticked off. Now I was looking forward to phase 2 with my wife.

Phase 2 :

This was a massive step for both of us and we both jumped straight into it with both feet. We booked our Personal Training course and we were so nervous but as the weeks went on we grew in confidence and in belief that we both felt we are actually good enough and fit enough to do this. The best decision I ever made because now I could help people achieve their goals too. The same goals I thought at the start I was never going to achieve. I was so happy and so confident and more positive than normal.

The Struggle is still there :

What I’ve learned over the last decade is that by being consistent in my training and making better food choices, you can live a healthy and happy life. I went from 17st 7lbs to a healthy 14st flat to date; do I have the odd struggle? Hell yes I am only human folks and so are you! Have I still got goals? Hell yes. Did this take me a long time? Hell yes. Life is a struggle folks but one thing I’ve learned is take one step at a time, treat it like a stairs and if you try to skip a few steps you will fall every time but if you take it step by step you will reach your goals in half the time because your calm and focused and in control.

Keep Pushing Forward:

Food is life folks, balance is key and goals are essential to succeed in life. Be happy, be fit, be healthy and be positive. And most of all give yourself a pat on the back and stop being so hard on you. If my story can inspire one person on their journey whatever one you decide to take, then I will look forward to reading your story one day.


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