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New Generation of Women

As its International Women’s Day I thought I’d like to try empower some of you wonderful ladies even further with not only our voting rights, pay scale rights but also our Gym rights.

Many Women out there used to depend on men for so many day to day duties but let’s be honest this is for back in the hay day... We are a new generation of women, we are much more independent and we need to keep it that way. We need to be strong both mentally and physically for ourselves and our children because unfortunately ladies, a lot of relationships are falling apart and women are left to pick up the pieces. This certainly is not the case for everyone and I hope it doesn’t happen but if it did I’d have the comfort of knowing that I’m a strong independent woman and will remain strong enough to get through anything life throws at me... On the other side, it feels freaking awesome when you start to see your body change and your strength comes in. I posted a few videos of me lifting heavy weights, and some girls commented on how strong I am but I just want you all to know that you have it inside you to be strong too. The body is amazing! I didn’t wake up strong and I have used exercise and weights to gain strength over time. And its never too late to get started no matter what age or fitness level you are you just need to trust the process. It works and it’s such an advantage to have for now and for your future. Being strong and healthy is essential as we age and we need to live as young as possible to fight off the ageing process and diseases such as Osteoporosis, so the only way to do this is to eat right, resistance and weight training.

Train to Tone!

I hear allot of you saying you don’t want to get bulky and yes there is a chance of getting bulky when you weight train but ONLY if you still continue to over eat on your calories and bad food choices. As we lift weights we grow muscle and the only way to show that muscle is by losing the fat around it. This does not mean that we will grow huge mussels as you see from some girls who compete in competitions etc. These women have a totally different training regime and eat a massive amount of calories for their goals. For us, who just want to “tone up”, we need to work out what calories we need for our goals, whether it will be fat loss or weight gain, then you need to aim to train 2 – 3 hours per week with weights and resistance training and put in about 1 - 2 hours of cardio based walks or runs etc.

Getting Started:

To get started, I recommend you have a look at your current lifestyle and have a little chat with yourself on whether you are happy or not and to see if you are happy to continue with your current lifestyle. If you are unhappy, then you need to write down what you feel are the reasons for being unhappy. This puts it down in black and white and makes it real! Then you should write down at least 3 small goals that you would like to start on your journey to becoming happier in your lifestyle. A lot of women start with the scales but I highly recommend you do not base your goals on happiness with the scales, as it’s the worst form of measuring your success ever... It‘s definitely a useful tool but if it’s the only thing that you think will make you happy you may need to think again.


You need goals that will make you happy and put a smile on your face, such as fitting back into a dress, being able to play with your kids, having more energy, getting more sleep or getting out for walks that are not just for weight loss but to clear your head a little bit of mind space. These are the real goals in life and the scales might not necessarily reflect this, so stay off the scales ladies!!When you have your goals set, you need to make sure you put the time in. Is Coronation Street really that important to you? If you have time to sit and watch TV then you have time to work out, get a walk in or get to bed early. You only get to sit and relax after you know you have filled your day with productive work towards your goals. I’ve had 3 kids and I made sure that I worked my ass off to get back to pre-baby weight...The main thing that got me through it was I would not let myself have a shower unless I had worked for it. It might sound crazy but it gave me a focus, no sweat no shower! I had two small babies together so I worked out in the house. The stairs was my gym, I would also use a chair and eventually I put a treadmill in the kitchen. It looked awful but I didn’t care as it was a means to an end and if ya think this is a bit extreme, then you are right but it’s extreme that gets us to our goals.

Do It !

Now in saying that getting out of the house is best practice as you need your own space and time to be you. I started off doing whatever classes were on in the evening. First it was Pole Fitness, then it was Zumba and I have to say I loved just getting out to the world again and it was brilliant for my mind space, I didn’t get results as such from the classes but it made me happy. Then I started running. Walking took too much time for me to fit in with work and the kids. A walk would take an hour while running was half an hour. This training again felt great but I lost a lot of weight and by the time my wedding came round I was the smallest I ever was at 7st 11lbs. This did not make me feel good as I felt very childlike with no curves and I lost any bit of boob I had(Devo)

Keep Trying till you find whats right for you !

I knew I had to change it up again. Fylfit opened up in Airside and I had never been a member of a gym. I took my first step in to the unknown and felt so intimidated I spent the first few weeks on the treadmill and lifting small weight on the machines. I was always Googling workouts and eventually wrote out my own little programme and this gave me a focus in the gym. I was still lifting light weights but I was doing lots of reps and sweating at the end of each session, so I started to see small results. I could see some muscle definition coming in and it made me want more. I wanted to lift heavier but the combination of been too shy, the lack of knowledge and the amount of men beasts around me held me back from going over to the weight racks. I then started lifting heavier dumbbells and lifting heavier on the machines but I knew I needed help with the rack area. This is when I decided I needed to do something about it. I needed to learn how to lift weights so I could teach women like me how to lift weights in the privacy of my own gym.

Making the change:

I started a personal training course, started lifting weight, learned how to fuel my body and have never looked back. It was the scariest but best decision I have ever made. The weight training I’ve been doing has changed my whole body shape. I have my curves back in all the right places and still no boobs but I’m definitely happier with my shape than I was when I was lighter on the scales. I sit now at a healthy weight of 8st6 and feel amazing. I still have my days where I question my figure as all women do because we are crazy ass Bit*hes. I still bloat and I still have very hormonal days but on the other days I am happy which is and always will be my number one goal (not the number on the scales)

What I’m trying to get across girls is to just take action and start to do classes, start to walk or start to run, as life is too short not too. Your body is designed to move and eat well, so just do it!! You owe it to yourself and your future self will thank you, I guarantee it!! You never hear anyone regretting getting fit & healthy but there is always regret for not starting earlier and it’s never too late to start no matter what age you are because your body will respond to training and healthy eating.

If you want to start lifting weights you need to know it is a skill so I definitely recommend you get a Personal Trainer. You need to know your calories and you need a programme designed for you and your goals. So let’s do this ladies! Let’s get Strong together and show our daughters how to get it done and be Independent Women and a New Generation of Women.


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