• Q Fit Rush

QFITRUSH.COM is Launched

Since the launch of our business venture, we have spent so much time building the business and building our client portfolio and day by day, week by week, month by month we have exceeded all expectations. We have grown to an extent that we feel we need a way to communicate with our clients and anybody who feels they want to change their lifestyle and get fit the Q Fit way.

So we are delighted to announce a New Website and a New Brand.....

WWW.QFITRUSH.COM officially launches on Wednesday 28 Feb 2018.

As our new Website evolves, you can check our new Blog with great tips on lifestyle, exercising and eating.

We will provide essential information to help you transform your lifestyle and give you guidance for eating, including easy recipes to cook at home.

Follow us on our new Facebook Page as well as Instagram and Twitter. You will see the Links to our Social Media pages in the Header & Footer of our website... Just Click & Follow, Like & Share.

We will update all Social Media pages with any tips we supply in our Blog so you won't miss a thing. There's a Like and Comment area in our Blog so feel free to join in on the conversation, comment and share or ask us any questions.

We hope you enjoy!

Erica & Asa